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How Many Non Chexsystems Banks Are There?

Consumers that have had problems with bounced checks, overdrafts, or unpaid fees may need to find non chexsystems banks to open an account. Chexsystems banks are banks that keep track of negative checking account transactions through a company called chexsystems. Before any participating chexsystems banks will open an account for a person, a teller or […]

What Are The Banks That Use Chexsystems?

Twenty years ago, it was difficult to find banks that use Chexsystems. Today, banks that use Chexsystems are seemingly everywhere. Anyone can visit any town in the U.S. and find a number of banks that use Chexsystems as a security measure. However, it is still possible to find banks that do not use this ubiquitous […]

What You Need To Know About No Chexsystems Bank Accounts

Being stuck in Chexsystems can be a frustrating experience, particularly if you are in Chexsystems because of an honest mistake or identity theft. You might have heard about no Chexsystems banks that provide alternative solutions. Some banks promote no Chexsystems bank accounts to attract customers who have had past bounced checks, unpaid overdraft loans, or […]

What is Chexsystems?

Most consumers know about the three major credit reporting agencies, Experian, Trans Union, and Equifa. They know that having a good credit report with these agencies is extremely important to making big purchases, qualifying for a credit card, and even getting a job. However, if you ask most people about Chexsystems, they will know very […]

How to get removed from chexsystems

Chexsystems is a assortment of financial companies, such as banks and credit unions, who have joined together to prevent consumers from being able to open accounts. This is usually because of the consumer having mishandled an account in the past. However, many folks have been unfairly reported and therefore their inability to open an account […]

Chexsystems Information

>>Getting Around Chexsystems<< Chexsystems is an information sharing association that provides details about checking and savings accounts. Like the credit bureaus, Chexsystems reports negative information about you to banks and financial institutions. By sharing this information they can provide a level of protection to the banks to avoid opening accounts for people who have bounced […]

How Does ChexSystems Work?

ChexSystems is a database that banks use to determine if potential customers are too great of a risk to the bank. Banks will report you to this system if they close your account for negative balances or if you lied when you opened your account. The information can stay on the Chexsystems records for five […]

Chexsystems Common Questions

>>Who is Chex Systems Inc.? ChexSystems, Inc. is a verification service used by financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. This is simply a tool, used within the banking industry, to aid in the application process of new accounts. The purpose of using ChexSystems is to identify any account mishandlings by potential applicants. >>What […]