Listed in chexsystems for suspected fraud activity?

If you have been listed in the Chex Systems Inc. database for suspected fraud activity than this chexsystems experience may be related to you? Get help from Litigo with your issues.

“I have been in business for over 25 years, and had a business bank account with JP Morgan Chase Bank for 10 of those years.  Many of our clients paid our business via bank draft or check however one client who had paid our business several times over the years went under. They decided to contact their bank to say that the charges we made to their account were not authorized.  One week later, all of my accounts were closed and our liquid assets were frozen.  I contacted Chase and they could not provide much information other forwarding me to a collections department. They also stated that I have been placed into chexsystems for “Suspected Fraud Activity” and that there was nothing they could do at that point. They treated me like a criminal; I felt like I had no recourse. Even after I paid all the money back, and provided documented proof that all charges were authorized by that company. They still would not remove me from chexsystems. I didn’t know where to turn next?”

Litigo Inc. is not owned, operated, or affiliated directly with Chex Systems Inc. or Fidelity Nation Information Services (Also known as FIS). Litigo cannot remove, update, or verify a consumer’s file in the ChexSystems database, which is owned and operated by Chex Systems, Inc.. However Litigo can assist you in properly filing a dispute against the negative information that banks have reported to ChexSystems. Contact Litigo ℠ for assistance with resolving your issues today 1(877) 432-4818.

While this story is slightly unique we received calls on a daily basis from consumers that have had long established relationships with banks which have been closed immediately due to being listed in chexsystems for Suspected Fraud Activity. The majority of these cases fraud was never committed, and they are left holding the bag. When these consumers try to contact chexsystems directly and get nothing but dead ends. Once you sign the back of that check, you are 100% liable for it.

No matter how much money you have with the bank, if your account is Red Flagged and you are placed into chexsystems, they will discontinue doing business with you. Even if they are the company that reported you. Being reported to chexsystems will also notify any other banks you may have accounts at they you have been flagged causing them to close those accounts as well. Get help today contact Litigo.
Once you have been considered a risk, it is almost impossible to get the bank to forgive you or remove that information, you will remain in chexsystems for up to 5 years and be unable to open a checking account with most banks. When you deposit and endorse any check, which is legal tender, you are responsible for the outcome so make sure that you are careful with any money you receive otherwise you could fall victim to the chexsystems trap. Contact Litigo today and get help.
Update to the above story… After contacting Litigo we were able to help in removing all the negative information posted by JP Morgan Chase including the “Suspected fraud activity”. Now we are back to business as usual and happy to know that their highly effective dispute process could help both our business and myself personally restore banking privileges.
It is important to know that you have the legal right to be removed from chexsystems if you been listed for “suspected fraud activity” or any other infraction. Please contact Litigo to help you resolve these issues.

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